Grandparenting With Grace Sunday March 1 9:45am, 11am, 1pm
An Invitation to the Grandparenting with Grace Seminar:

Have you ever heard a grandparent say, “If I had known having grandkids was this much fun, I would have had them first!”? Most grandparents love being grandparents. Isn’t it interesting, though, how few grandparents have ever had any training in grandparenting, and even fewer have had the benefit of being trained in grandparenting from a biblical perspective.

In our Grandparenting with Grace Seminar, we want to help solve that. Our commitment to those who come to this seminar is that we will provide 1) clear biblical teaching on the mission God has given grandparents, 2) hope in showing how the gospel shapes the ministry of grandparenting and 3) help in sharing practical ideas of how to better relate to your grandkids and their parents for God’s glory and their good.

Our prayer is that you’ll find this seminar surprisingly helpful in developing deep, gospel-centered relationships with your grandkids and their parents. Lord willing we’ll see you soon. And, please invite some of your fellow grandparents to join us as well.

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About Larry McCall:
Dr. Larry McCall is the author of Grandparenting with Grace: Living the Gospel with the Next Generation. Larry is passionate about helping fellow Christians pursue life transformation through applying the gospel of Jesus Christ to their daily lives and their family relationships. He is the Director of Walking Like Jesus Ministries and has been a pastor at Christ’s Covenant Church in Winona Lake, IN since 1981. In 1975 he married Gladine, his sweetheart since high school days. They have three married children and seven grandchildren. Larry is also the author of Loving Your Wife as Christ Loves the Church and Walking Like Jesus Did: Studies in the Character of Christ.
What others have said about Grandparenting with Grace Seminars:

“When Larry speaks, whether about grandparenting, marriage or any other topic, people listen. I listen, not only because he speaks the truth with the power and authority of God’s Word, but because he practices what he preaches. He is truly a teacher, mentor and friend who loves as Christ loves.” – Cavin T. Harper, Founder/President of Christian Grandparenting Network

“It is rare to find a speaker who knows the heart and soul of grandparents as well as Larry McCall. By combining humor, examples and an informal but highly focused presentation, he demonstrated his command of biblical principles and gave his audience immediately useful take-aways. True learning took place. The audience left feeling excited and motivated.” – Jere Vincent, President of Family Builders Ministries

“Larry calls us, with laser focus, to see and savor Christ and to allow the gospel to shape our grandparenting. Larry embodies what he writes about in his book, “Grandparenting with Grace.” He walks the talk. Larry is a humble man, a faithful pastor, a husband worthy of imitation, and a loving father and grandfather seeking to live in a manner worthy of the gospel.” –
Josh Mulvihill, PhD, Author and Executive Director of Church and Family Ministry at RENEWANATION